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  • At present, the main three types of waterproof and thermal insulation materials for exterior walls are on the market.
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  • In the past two years, there are generally three types of waterproof and thermal insulation materials for external walls.

    1. Polyphenylene board, extrusion board, polyurethane rigid foam, etc., or the sandwich board covered with inorganic board or metal board, these materials have absolute advantages in building energy saving, construction to meet the requirements of the code can achieve 65% energy saving effect, while their own good waterproof effect, but they exist There are two drawbacks:

    1. The process of bonding and fixing with the base is complicated, the cost is high, and the water seepage and cracking between the board seams are easy.

    2. After the outer cladding is damaged, the inner sandwich panel is inflammable and easy to cause fire. The toxic gases released after burning are harmful to human health and environmental protection. Especially in recent years, CCTV fires and Shanghai apartment fires have caused huge property losses and serious casualties, and the use of such materials has been greatly restricted.

    2. Hydrophobic perlite, vitrified micro-pearl insulation mortar and other products, such as products with excellent flame retardant properties, but hydrophobic perlite only on the surface after hydrophobic treatment, its moisture absorption is very large, once the surface is destroyed, lost energy-saving effect, vitrified micro-pearl insulation mortar itself does not have waterproof function, and because of production Enterprises simply pursue profits, mixed with inferior raw materials, the technical level of construction personnel is uneven, the products made are difficult to meet the requirements of national standards.

    3. Slag wool, rock wool board, glass wool and other products, such products flame retardant, good insulation performance, but the biggest drawback is to absorb moisture expansion, thus losing insulation performance. In this situation, the new product technology, which has both waterproof and heat preservation functions, can ensure the safety of fire prevention and realize the integration of fire retardant, waterproof and heat preservation, is undoubtedly a beneficial exploration and attempt which is not only in line with the reality but also has a technical perspective, and has a broad market prospect.

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