• High-alumina brick combined with phosphate for cement kiln
  • Application£º
    The high-alumina brick combined with phosphate is used for the preheating zone, high- temperature zone and tuyere brick of cement ring kiln and shaft kiln.
    This product is of high strength, strong wear resistance, favorable thermal shock resistance, which is suitable to all kinds of cement kiln and with good applied effect.
    Physical and chemical indicators:

    ?Name of commodity
    Performance and index
    Hh-65 Hh-75
    AL2O3 %£¾ 65 75
    Fe2O3 %£¼ 3.0 2.5
    CaO %£¼ 0.6 0.4
    Crushing strength under high temperature MPa¡Ý 70 80
    Bulk densityg£¯cm3¡Ý 2.7 2.8
    Refractoriness ¡æ¡Ý% 1750 1730

    The actual parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.

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