• Indeterminate form fireproofing material
  • Application£ļ
    Preheater system, piping system of cement grotto and tail of dry spinning grotto tube and decomposition furnace top lining.
    Dry method cement preheater and header of preheater tremie pipe, it is of complicated shape, narrow or furnace body with dense anchoring and component
    Large-scale cement grotto entrance, bend of cooling machine and hot end side wall, combustor, etc. cast complicated and narrow components, similar materials are repaired in cold state.
    Physical and chemical indicators:

    Name of commodity
    Performance and index
    Alkali resistant castable Alkali resistant Self flow castables Corundum(Mullite)Self flow castables
    Hh-1 Hh-2 Hh-3 Hh-4
    Highest use temp°ś 1300 1200 1200 1650
    AI2O3 % °›35 °›30 °›30 90
    SiO2 % 56°ę60 56°ę60 °›50 °‹6
    Fe2O3 % £ľ1.5 £ľ1.8    
    SiC %        
    R2O % °‹6 °‹6    
    MgO %        
    Bulk densityg£Įcm3 1.8-3.6 2-3.5 2.2°ę2.4 £®110°ś°Ń24h£© °›3.0
    ?Compressive strength Mpa
    Flexural strength at High temp Mpa
    110°ś°Ń24h °›70/°›10 °›70/°›10 70°ę100/7°ę10 °›80/°›10
    1100°ś°Ń3h °›90/°›15 °›80/°›12 70°ę100/7°ę10 °›90/°›12
    1300°ś°Ń3h °›100/°›20 °›90/°›15   °›100/°›15
    Linear change rate after burning£®1500°ś°Ń3h) 0.2°ę+0.2 £®1100°ś°Ń3h£© -0.4°ę+0.1 £®1100°ś°Ń3h£© °ņ0.3/°ņ0.2 £®1100°ś°Ń3h 1100°ś°Ń3h£© °ņ0.5°ņ0.2 £®1100°ś°Ń3h£©
    Heat conductivity w£Įm£ģK        
    Water consumption for construction£®External£© 6°ę8 6°ę8 7.9°ę8.8 5.8°ę6.8
    Max aggregate size£®mm)       5°ę6
    Construction method£®£ĺ£©     No vibration casting No vibration casting
    Self flow valuemm)(£ĺ£©     175  
    ?Alkali resistant grade One-level Two-level One-level  

    The actual parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.

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