• Burner block for petrochemical industrial furnace(cracking furnace)
  • Application
    Burner block for petrochemical industrial furnace combustor such as heating furnace, cracking furnace and reburner.
    Corumdum burner block combined with phosphate is prepared by plate corumdum, superfine powder, compound bonding agent and additive, it is of heat resistance, anti-washing, anti-stripping, high strength, small shrinkage of heater wire, good thermal shock stability.
    Physical and chemical indicators

    Performance and index
    Bulk density£®°›g£Įcm3£© 2.5 Compressive strength°›MPa£© 65
    Flexural strength£®°›MPa£© 21 Refractoriness £®°ś£© 1800
    Heat shock stability 30 Heat conductivityw/k.m) 1.0
    AL2O3 (°›%£© 80 Fe2O3°‹%£© 1.2

    The actual parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of user.

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