• Steel ladle,brick furnace gunning refractory
  • Feature
    High adhering rate, small amount of rebound, 2-5 furnaces are used for one gunning maintenance.
    Construction method
    Storage life
    6 months in the shady, cool and dry environment.
    Physical and chemical indicators:

    Name of commodity
    Performance and index
    material ?Chemical composition°›% Bulk density g/cm3°› Compressive strengthMpa Linear change rate% 1500°ś°Ń3hr Adhesive rate°›%
    110°ś°Ń 24hr°› 1600°ś°Ń3hr°›
    DNC-1 magnesia MgO 80 2.3 8 30 0°ę-2.5 90
    DNC-2 magnesia MgO 85 2.4 8 30 0°ę-2.5 90
    DNC-3 Magnesium aluminum MgO+AL2O3 80 2.4 8 35 0°ę-2.0 90

    The actual parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.

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