• Corundum brick, corundum-mullite brick,light corundum brick
  • Application£ļ
    Various kinds of high-temperature kilns, which can be manufactured into refractory product such as saggar, guide rail, push pedal, refractory slab, support, burning board,burner block and hearth and furnace tube.
    High purity of raw material, high operating temperature, compact and uniform structure, antioxidation
    Physical and chemical index£ļ

    Name of commodity
    Performance and index
    Fused corundum brick corundum brick Light weight Corundum Mullite brick
    Bulk density g£Įcm3 °›3.8 2.2-2.9 1.2-1.5

    Compressive strength at ambient temp Mpa

    °›70 30-80 15-25
    Linear change on reheating °ś°Ńhr %°‹ 1800°Ń4 0.2 1600°Ń4 0.2 1600°Ń4 0.2
    Apparent porosity£• °‹20 18-25
    AL2O3 %°› 99 80-90 75-95
    SiO2% °‹0.5 18-8 23-3
    Fe2O3 %°‹ 0.1 0.2 0.3
    Highest use temp °ś 1800 1750 1600

    The actual parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.

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