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  • Structure adjustment refractory industry determines future development direction
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  • 2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This year, China's refractory industry has withstood the most severe market test since the beginning of the new century. On the one hand, the decline of international economy and the slowdown of domestic economic growth have led to a downturn in market demand; on the other hand, the overall overcapacity of the refractory industry, coupled with the difficulty of repayment and some malicious price pressures and vicious competition, have led to a general decline in the efficiency of refractory enterprises. However, in the face of the severe market situation, the refractory industry, in accordance with the development policy of "controlling production, stabilizing the market, ensuring operation and seeking development", has taken various effective measures to actively deal with the difficulties. By adjusting the industrial structure, promoting transformation and upgrading, it has achieved stable operation and effectively guaranteed the production demand of the downstream user industries.

    At the 3rd (enlarged) meeting of the 6th Council of the China Refractory Industry Association, held in Guangxi from April 10 to 12, more than 100 refractory industry leaders and experts gathered together to make a joint inventory of the overall operation of China's refractory industry in 2012 and discuss the overall development of the industry in 2013.

    Overall smooth operation pressure increased

    At the meeting, Wang Shoubin, chairman of China Refractory Industry Association, introduced the overall operation of China's refractory industry in 2012. He pointed out that in 2012 China's refractory industry product structure continues to optimize, stable production slowed down, overall smooth operation, increased operating pressure.

    Variety structure is constantly optimized. Wang Shoubin pointed out that China's refractory variety structure showed a good trend of continuous optimization in 2012: First, the output of unshaped refractory products not only maintained a sustained growth trend, but also its proportion structure has reached or even exceeded 40% of the total national refractory products. Second, the export volume of refractory products increased against the trend, followed by 2008. After that, it broke through 2 million tons, reaching 203.97 million tons, an increase of 4.4% over the same period of last year; the export volume of 1.574 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.79%. Third, the import volume of refractory products continued to decline. In 2012, China's import of refractory products was 28,000 tons, a decrease of 34.47%. According to estimates, the total import of refractory products accounted for only about 0.1% of the domestic demand for refractories, indicating that the quantity, variety and quality of refractory products can meet the domestic demand for high-temperature industrial production and technological development.

    Receivables increased as a "bottleneck" for the development of enterprises. Xu Dianli, Executive Vice President of China Refractories Industry Association, pointed out in his report entitled "Production and Operation of Refractories Industry in 2012 and Forecast of Refractories Market in 2013", that through the research and development of 52 manufacturing enterprises by the Standing Director and some large-scale directors of the Refractories Association, it was found that the end of 2012 As one of the important links in the national economic industrial chain, the refractory industry, on the one hand, is under tremendous pressure from the rising prices of raw materials and the increasing labor costs in the upstream; on the other hand, under the situation of serious overcapacity in the refractory industry as a whole, Competition among refractory enterprises is more intense and cruel. Malicious price reduction and vicious competition are common.

    Innovation driven accelerate transformation and upgrading

    At the meeting, the reporter of China Metallurgical Daily found that although the market situation in 2012 is extremely grim, there are still many refractory enterprises through hard work, constantly strengthen scientific and technological innovation, to achieve their own transformation and upgrading and scientific development.

    Taking the lead of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Iron and Steel Refractories Company and Shougang Refractories Furnace Stock Company jointly participated in the research and development project of Microstructure Control Technology and Industrial Application in the Preparation Process of High-quality Refractories, aiming at the key technical and common problems that restrict the sustainable development of refractory industry. Distributed control technology and in-situ control technology, as well as gas-solid two-phase control technology of thermal insulation refractory microstructure, were invented. At the same time, the project was awarded 25 national patents, formulated a national standard, and was also awarded the second prize of the National Technical Invention Award.

    The anti-hydration ultra-high purity magnesia-calcium brick and high density ultra-high purity magnesia-calcium brick developed by Zhejiang Jinlei Stock Company have passed the appraisal of new products in Zhejiang Province. Among them, the hydration resistant ultra high purity magnesia calcium brick has also been awarded the first prize of Zhejiang science and technology achievements transformation award.

    Tongda Refractory Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Yingdu Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and other enterprises actively build high-end platform for scientific and technological research and development, and take the lead in setting up a refractory academician workstation in the industry; Shandong Luyang Co., Ltd. Technical Center is recognized as a national enterprise technology center; Luoyuan National Refractory Materials The Research Center for Materials Engineering was awarded the "Excellent Performance Award" by the State Development and Reform Commission, and the Institute was also recognized as a "national demonstration enterprise for technological innovation" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance.

    Although the market situation is not good, the pace of technological innovation of refractory enterprises has never ceased. They increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote production by science and technology, promote transformation by science and technology, and constantly build the unique soft power of enterprises.

    Horizontal promotion, joint reorganization and vertical extension of industrial chain

    At the meeting, Wang Weiwei, deputy director of the Building Materials Department of the Raw Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also made a detailed interpretation of the recent "Several Opinions on Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Development of Refractory Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    The Opinion clearly defines one of the main tasks for the future development of China's refractory industry - promoting joint restructuring. Wang Weiwei pointed out that China's refractory industry should speed up the transformation of development mode, from scale expansion to quality and efficiency; establish and improve the linkage mechanism of new projects and joint restructuring, elimination of backwardness, energy conservation and emission reduction; standardize market-oriented operation, and support the industry's dominant backbone enterprises to brand, technology, capital and so on. As a link, we will vigorously promote horizontal joint restructuring and vertical industrial chain extension, coordinate the development of producer services, and establish large-scale refractory enterprise groups.

    Mergers and acquisitions were just then. According to the reporter's understanding, in 2012 in the integration of resources, merger and reorganization, China's refractory enterprises have made a useful attempt, and achieved gratifying results. As the first listed company in the refractory industry, Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully entered the steel market through the establishment of East China Ruitai Company and the acquisition of Yixing Refractories Company. Its sales revenue in 2012 was 1.48 billion yuan, an increase of 7.18 percent over the same period of last year.

    Beijing Lier High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd. makes full use of the advantages of the capital market and reorganizes Liaoning Zhongxing Group and Liaoning Jinhong Mining Company by issuing shares to purchase assets. The vertical and horizontal mergers and acquisitions in the same region have been realized. The vertical mergers and acquisitions of Jinhong Mining have improved the layout of the industrial chain and achieved stability. High quality and low cost magnesite resources; horizontal merger and acquisition of ZTE Liaoning has improved the product and customer market structure, optimized the production and sales layout, and expanded the international market.

    Search for new growth points in non refractory areas. Xu Dianli told reporters that in 2012, some refractory enterprises actively to new building materials, biological pharmaceuticals, food processing, cultural industries and other industries, and some enterprises in iron ore, gold and other mineral resources to seek new development space. For example, Liaoning Jinding Magnesium Mine Group, Jiangsu Jia High Temperature Resistant Material Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhendong Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises are constantly looking for new economic growth points in the field of non-refractories, which not only strengthens the enterprise's own development stamina, but also provides a reference for the adjustment of refractory industry structure and the transformation of economic development mode.

    Regulate industry access to curb excess capacity

    Relevant personages believe that, at present, China's refractory industry capacity has already changed from structural excess to a comprehensive surplus. In the current economic situation, it is difficult to reverse the disorderly competition, low price competition and disorderly order in the refractory products market by industry self-discipline in the short term. Xu Dianli told reporters that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has formally entrusted the Refractories Association with drafting the "Conditions for Access to the Refractories Industry", which will raise the requirements for access to the industry in terms of planning, layout, process equipment, production scale, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization and safety in production, etc. Therefore, the contradiction between overcapacity in the industry can be resolved and sustained and healthy development of refractory industry can be realized.

    Policy to force refractory industry usher in new opportunities for development

    With the promulgation of the "opinions", China's refractory industry has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. In order to seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, change pressure into power and realize the scientific and healthy development of refractory industry in adverse circumstances, the refractory association has put forward the main tasks for 2013 according to the actual production and operation of refractory industry in China.

    First, market oriented production decisions, efforts to control output and reduce product inventories. Wang Shoubin pointed out that the whole industry, especially the backbone enterprises, should consciously abide by the conventions, eliminate unfair competition, ensure the normal operation of the whole industry production and operation, and safeguard the overall interests of all production and operation enterprises and even the whole industry.

    Secondly, around the Opinion, we should promote joint restructuring, optimize industrial layout, actively guide and support the formation of large-scale refractory enterprise groups, and create new industrial demonstration bases; strengthen energy conservation and consumption reduction, and focus on promoting the "green refractory" strategy; develop high-end products, eliminate backward production capacity, and establish enterprises as the main body and city. Technology innovation system with field oriented and industry university research combination.

    Third, actively cooperate with the work of the government departments in charge, and strive for policy support conducive to the development of the industry.

    Four, we must serve the member units wholeheartedly based on the healthy development of the industry.

    Five is to strengthen the association's own construction and better play the role of bridge and link.

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