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  • National standard for refractory materials, amorphous materials, insulating products and other basic refractories
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  • I. Basic Standards

    GB/T 2992.1-2011 refractory brick shape and size first parts: General bricks

    Classification of GB/T 4513-2000 (2004,) amorphous refractories

    Rules for acceptance sampling inspection of GB/T 103252012 shaped refractory products

    GB/T 10326-2001 (2004) inspection method for dimension, appearance and cross section of shaped refractory products

    GB 12434-2008 anti dust regulations for refractories enterprises

    GB/T 13794-2008 standard temperature cone

    GB/T 15545-1995 (2004.) unshaped refractories packaging, marking, transportation and storage

    GB/T 16546-1996 (2004) packaging, marking, transportation and storage of shaped refractory products

    GB/T 16763-2012 classification of heat insulation refractory products

    Classification of GB/T 17105-2008 aluminum silicon compact compact refractory products

    GB/T 17617-1998 (2004) sampling of refractory and amorphous refractories

    Shape and size of refractory bricks for GB/T 17912-2014 rotary kiln

    GB/T 18257-2000 (2004) hot face marking for refractory bricks for rotary kilns

    GB/T 18930-2002 (2004) terminology for refractories

    Classification of GB/T 18931-2008 alkaline compact refractory products with a residual carbon content of less than 7%

    GB/T 20511-2006 classification rules for refractory products

    GB/T 30757-2014 classification of alkaline compact refractory products with residual carbon content of 7 9/6 to 50%

    Classification of GB/T 30870-2014 special compact shaped refractory products

    Size and shape of refractory bricks for YB/T 060-2007 converter

    Shape and size of ball top brick for YB/T 2217-1999 electric furnace

    Classification of compact shaped refractory products for YB/T 4014-1991 (2012) glass furnace

    YB/T 4016-1991 (2012) sampling and acceptance method for refractory products in glass furnace

    YB/T 4017-1991 (2012) refractories for glass furnaces, shape and size silica bricks

    Shape and dimensions of refractory bricks for YB/T 4198-2009 ladle

    Shape and size of refractory bricks for YB/T 5012-2009 blast furnace and hot blast stove

    Shape and size of YB/T 5018-1993 (2012) top furnaces for steel-making electric furnaces

    Shape and size of YB/T 5110-1993 (2012) refractory bricks for casting

    YB/T 5113-1993 (2009) refractory bricks for cast steel castings in ladle

    JC/T 2127-2012 specification for construction and acceptance of amorphous refractories for building materials industry

    Rules for the use of refractories for JC/T 2196-2013 cement rotary kiln

    Two. Raw material standards

    GB 201-2000 aluminate cement

    GB/T 2273-2007 sintered magnesia

    GB/T 2478-2008 common abrasive Zong Gangyu

    GB/T 2479-2008 common abrasive white corundum

    GB/T 2480-2008 plain abrasive silicon carbide

    GB/T 2881-2008 industrial silicon

    GB/T 3518-2008 flake graphite

    Recovery of silica powder from GB/T 21236-2007 electric furnace

    GB/T 26563-2011 fused zirconia

    GB/T 26564-2011 mg Al spinel

    MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 series synthetic material for YB/T 101-2005 electric furnace bottom

    YB/T 102-2007 refractories electricity Rong Gangyu

    YB/T 132-2007 fused magnesia chrome sand

    YB/T 834-1987 zircon concentrate

    YB/T 4032-2010 Kyanite and andalusite sillimanite

    YB/T 4066-1991 chrome concentrate

    YB/T 4216-2010 sintered corundum

    Technical conditions for YB/T 5057-1993 bauxite ore

    YB/T 5179-2005 bauxite clinker

    YB/T 5207-2005 hard clay clinker

    YB/T 5265-2007 chrome ores for refractories

    YB/T 5266-2004 fused magnesia

    YB/T 5267-2013 mullite

    YB/T 5278-2007 dolomite

    YS/T 89-2011 calcined A-type alumina

    JB/T 7986-2001 common abrasive Ge Gangyu

    Three. Compact shaped refractory products.

    GB/T 2608-2012 silica brick

    Silica bricks for YB/T 133-2005 hot blast stove

    YB/T 147-2007 silica bricks for glass kilns

    YB/T 4076-1991 (2012) fused silica refractory products for continuous casting

    Silica bricks for YB/T 5013-2005 coke oven

    JC/T 616-2003 high quality silica bricks for glass kilns

    Clay refractory products

    YB/T 112-1997 (2012) phosphoric acid impregnated clay bricks for blast furnaces

    Clay bricks and semi silica bricks for YB/T 4168-2007 coke oven

    YB/T 5106-2009 clay firebrick

    YB/T 5107-2004 (2012) clay bricks for hot blast stoves

    JC/T 496-2007 alkali resistant brick for cement kiln

    JC/T 638-2013 low porosity bricks for glass kilns

    JB/T 3649.1-1994 (2005) refractory products, refractory products, clay refractory products

    High alumina refractory products

    GB/T 2998-2012 high alumina brick

    YB/T 4129-2005 (2012) plastic phase composite corundum brick

    YB/T 4134-2005 (2012) microporous corundum brick

    YB/T 5015-1993 (2005) high alumina bricks for blast furnaces

    YB/T 5017-2000 (2006) high alumina bricks for steel-making electric furnaces

    YB/T 5020-2002 (2008) high alumina bricks for ladle

    JC/T 350-2013 phosphate bonded high alumina brick

    Fused alumina refractory products for JC/T 494-2013 glass furnace

    JC/T 1063-2007 anti stripping high alumina brick for cement kiln

    JB/T 3649.2-1994 (2005) refractory products, refractory products, high alumina refractory products

    basic refractory products

    GB/T 2275-2007 magnesia brick and magnesia alumina brick

    GB/T 22589-2008 magnesia carbon brick

    YB/T 4116-2003 magnesia calcium brick

    JC/T 497-2013 directly bonded magnesia chrome bricks for building materials industrial furnaces

    JC/T 924-2003 magnesia brick for glass kiln (MgO > 95%)

    Special refractory products

    GB/T 23293-2009 nitride bonded refractory products and their refractory mortar

    GB/T 23294-2009 wear resistant refractories

    GB/T 30759-2014 high chrome brick

    YB/T 007-2003 carbon refractory products for continuous casting

    YB/T 113-1991 (2005) fired microporous aluminum brick

    YB/T 164-2009 Al2O3-SiC-C bricks for hot metal pretreatment

    YB/T 165-1999 (2006) resin bonded alumina magnesia carbon brick

    YB/T 4075-2013 zirconium sizing nozzle

    YB/T 4111-2002 (2008) cast brick and tile

    Ventilate bricks and block bricks for YB/T 4118-2003 refining ladle

    YB/T 4167-2007 fired aluminum carbide brick

    Fireball for YB/T 4232-2010 ball type hot blast stove

    YB/T 4348-2013 corundum brick

    YB/T 4350-2013 chrome corundum brick

    YB/T 5049-2009 slide block

    Fused zirconia corundum refractory products for JC/T 493-2001 glass furnace

    JC/T 495-2013 compact zircon brick for glass furnace

    JC/T 925-2003 sintered AZS bricks for glass kilns

    JC/T 926-2003 bottom brick for tin glass tank for float glass furnace

    JC/T 1064-2007 silica bricks for cement kiln

    JC/T 2197-2013 silicon brick for cement kiln

    JB/T 3649.6-1994 (2005) refractory products, refractory carbonaceous refractory products

    ¡¡¡¡Four. Insulating refractory products

    GB/T 3003-2006 refractories ceramic fibers and products

    GB/T 3994-2013 clay heat-insulating firebrick

    GB/T 3995-2014 high alumina insulating firebrick

    GB/T 3996-1983 diatomite insulation products

    GB/T 10699-1998 calcium silicate insulation products

    YB/T 386-1994 (2005) silica insulating firebrick

    JC/T 804-1987 (1996) ceramsite lightweight refractory concrete block for cement kiln

    JB/T 3649.3-1994 (2005) refractory products, refractory products, clay heat insulation refractory products

    JB/T 3649.4-1994 (2005) refractory products, high alumina refractory products, refractory products

    JB/T 3649.5-1994 (2005) refractory products, refractory alumina products, insulating refractory products

    Five. Amorphous refractories

    Refractory mud

    GB/T 2994-2008 high alumina refractory slurry

    GB/T 14982-2008 clay refractory slurry

    YB/T 114-1997 (2012) aluminosilicate thermal insulation refractory slurry

    YB/T 134-1998 (2012) high temperature infrared radiation coatings

    YB/T 150-1998 (2012) fire resistant buffer mud

    YB/T 384-2011 silica refractory slurry

    YB/T 4121-2004 tundish with alkaline coating

    YB/T 5009-2011 magnesia, magnesia alumina, magnesia chrome refractory slurry

    JC/T 2159-2012 special refractory slurry for cement kiln system

    Refractory castable

    Refractory castables for reheating furnace of GB/T 22590-2008 steel rolling mill

    YB/T 116-1997 (2012) heat-resistant steel fiber reinforced castable refractory castable

    YB/T 4110-2009 aluminum magnesia refractory castables

    Slag stopping weir for YB/T 4120-2004 tundish

    Castable for YB/T 4126-2012 blast furnace runner

    YB/T 4193-2009 anti skinning refractory castables

    Spray coating for maintenance of YB/T 4194-2009 blast furnace lining

    YB/T 4195-2009 anti burst quick baked refractory castables

    YB/T 4197-2009 self flow refractory castables

    Refractory castable for YB/T 4275-2012 mixer furnace

    Carbon ramming material for capital construction of YB/T 4319-2012 blast furnace

    Amorphous refractories for YB/T 4320-2012 carbon calciner

    YB/T 5083-1997 (2005) clay and high alumina compact refractory castables

    JC/T 498-2013 high strength refractory castables

    JC/T 499-2013 steel fiber reinforced refractory castables

    JC/T 708-2013 alkali resistant castable

    JC/T 807-2013 lightweight alkali resistant castable

    JC/T 2160-2012 high strength mullite refractory castables for cement kiln

    Refractory plastic

    YB/T 4153-2006 (2012) non water pressure feed for blast furnace

    Anhydrous stemming for YB/T 4196-2009 blast furnace

    YB/T 5115-1993 clay and high alumina refractory plastics

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