• Precautions for storage and construction of refractory castables
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  • Matters needing attention in castables storage:

    1. Refractory castable should be stored in a dry, well ventilated environment, can not directly contact the castable with the ground, need to pad the tray, in order to avoid moisture absorption of castable.

    2. Rainproof measures should be taken in open storage, and the materials should be inspected and tested before they are used beyond the storage period, so as to ensure that the properties are qualified and then reused. If the refractory castable has been hydrated, it should be stopped immediately.

    Matters needing attention in castable Construction:

    1. The construction surface contacted with refractory castable should be kept clean, and the dust, oil stain and rust on the surface should be removed in time. The size of placenta and formwork should meet the design requirements and have sufficient stiffness, strength and stability.

    2. Placenta and formwork should be made of compact materials, good strength, smooth surface, low temperature environment, the strength of refractory castable will decline, so before drying, the castable can not be frozen, hot climate, the use of cold water mixed castable.

    3. If the refractory castable is stored in the low-temperature warehouse, the furnace shell and formwork should be sprayed with water to cool down. During construction, the environment should be kept clean and no dust pollution should be produced. Clean tap water should be used.

    About the storage of refractory castables and construction matters needing attention are introduced here first. The construction personnel should take this as a reference to correctly store and construct the refractory castables according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the good use effect of the refractory castables.

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