• What are the reasons for the damage of refractory castables?
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  • Nowadays, refractory castables are mainly used in places where bricklaying is difficult, such as preheaters, discharge pipes and so on. People always think that the refractory castables often crack after pouring, or appear unshaped, shedding and other damage problems, but some are clear and good, which leads to many people do not know why, the following Let professional staff to explain to you the reasons for the damage of refractory castables.

    1. One of the most important problems in the damage of refractory castables is chemical elements. The refractory castables are easily eroded by chemical substances in the use of boilers, and the lining of castables will be destroyed after chemical reactions such as gas, temperature and chemical slag occur.

    2. Physically affected by temperature is also very large, repeated drastic changes in temperature will quickly destroy the structure of the castable, resulting in overall damage.

    3. In addition to itself, external factors are also a major problem, many refractory castable damage is due to not in accordance with the strict requirements of the construction, resulting in the physical properties of the castable have been reduced a lot, so it is very easy to damage, and must be cleaned during construction, construction tools and equipment should also be kept clean.

    In the actual production process, we may encounter problems far more than the above mentioned, but they often have some links, should be flexible according to the specific circumstances of the use of measures to deal with the problem, play castable refractory effect.

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