• How to choose a good castable?
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  • We should pay attention to the following points when choosing.

    1. wear resistance: castable resistance to impact and friction.

    2. Thermal stress resistance: If the material with high moisture content is easy to match, it is not easy to cause thermal stress fatigue.

    3. High-temperature performance: good high-temperature performance, dehydration shrinkage and stress release of steel structure prone to large cracks, high requirements for oven drying.

    4. Appearance after oven drying: cracks, according to the code cracks appear 5mm is a normal phenomenon, more than to be filled to repair treatment, the appearance of cracks.

    5. is it stable during heating operation?

    The refractory castable is a kind of amorphous refractory with large quantity and wide application range in furnace construction. It not only enhances toughness, but also helps to improve its thermal insulation performance.

    When we choose castable, we can choose suitable castables according to the above conditions.

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